Leveraging GovQA’s Complaints Module as Law Enforcement

During this time of civil unrest, agencies across the country are experiencing an exponentially high number of complaints. The national conversation on law enforcement reform may be headed your way. Reduce your risk of a complaint becoming costly litigation.

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Don’t be a Victim of Ineffective Complaints Processing

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Join GovQA’s New Chief Evangelist, Jen Snyder for a webinar on complaints processing for law enforcement agencies. Jen’s mission as Chief Evangelist is to bring folks from state and local government agency communities together to learn from each other and expedite changes that you want to see happen. During this brief 30-minute webinar Jen will

  • Cover trends we’re seeing in regards to the rising number of complaints
  • Discuss how this rise may already be making an impact on police transparency reforms
  • Share tips for processing a large number of complaints in a timely fashion
See how GovQA Complaints Solution can help by offering:
  • Powerful and secure intake portal (HIPAA & CJIS compliant)
  • The ability to link similar complaints to process them together
  • Integration with your existing document and evidence management systems and open data portals
  • Clear line of sight to trending issues
  • Defensible audit trail
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Complaints Webinar for Law Enforcement Registration


Tips to reduce your risk of a complaint becoming litigation and make peace with complaints.