Are your Discovery Management problems related to external collaborators and tracking deadlines? We have a solution!

Discover evidence and collaborate online using an effective, auditable, and secure data management tool.  Ensure compliance with state and local criminal justice law.

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Collaborate with Any Agency Partner and Outside Parties

All parties access a secure portal for effortless collaboration


Manage deadlines and track progress

Keep Data Secure

Best-in-class security and encryption for full CJIS and HIPAA compliance

Securely collaborate with any internal or external parties

Collaborate with Outside Parties

  • Securely request and share documents, media files, information and more with other government agencies and private attorneys
  • Monitor evidence requests for delivery status
  • Audit transaction steps and gathered material
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Manage deadlines and track progress

Fulfill requests and improve processes

  • Manage deadlines, track progress, and deliver consistent results
  • Save valuable time by automating workflows
  • Gain in-depth insight via robust reporting
  • Monitor time per activity; highlight problems and best practices
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Secure Data

Security is our top priority

GovQA offers the most advanced security technology available to government today – so you can prevent data exposure and limit your risks. At its core, the GovQA platform is built to resist security threats. It is single-tenant with a proprietary code base. Our cloud service can support virtually all compliance and security initiatives.

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Architectural Barriers Protect Against Malicious Invasion

  • Single tenant architecture physically isolates your data for utmost security and protection from bots, spam, spoofing, malware, denial of service attacks, ransomware, data compromise and theft
  • Proprietary platform code (with no open source code used in our core platform) reduces vulnerabilities and protects against hackers

Layered with Internal Security Measures

  • Encrypted at rest and in-transit (AES 256 bit), so only authorized users gain access to data
  • In-Tool Redaction™ reduces chance of data loss between tools
  • Microsoft Azure Government hosting provides the most advanced, technically sophisticated hosting available to government today
  • Role-based access controls limit what users can see and do
  • Dedicated, onsite security staff at GovQA guard your data 24/7

Fully Audited and Compliant

  • Compliance with CJIS, HIPAA, NIST, FISMA, and FedRAMP lets you avoid fines, litigation, and public discord
  • Rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 audit (now in progress) supplies evidence of comprehensive auditing over time (vs. a single moment in time with SOC 2 Type 1)
  • GovQA, the company itself, has an extensive SETA (Security Education Training Awareness) program in-house and is CJIS and HIPAA compliant as confirmed by annual 3rd party audits conducted at our facilities – so you can have full compliance confidence

Working in a job that is full of chaos, it’s good to have GovQA to help keep me sane.

Jeri Carter LawsonDallas, TX, City Recorder, Public Information Officer