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Riverside, California

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The Problem:

In 2015, Riverside recognized it faced a new challenge with a growing number of public records requests. With a decentralized process in place, response times began to grow and city management needed to ensure residents were provided with prompt and complete responses to requests. As news about public records lawsuits became more and more common, Riverside recognized that maintaining the status quo was no longer enough.


Total Annual Requests


Reduction in Processing Time

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The Solution:

Riverside wanted to centralize public records request activities within the City Clerk’s Office and provide a web portal for submission of records requests, status tracking, and repository of records provided. After a thorough review of options, Riverside determined GovQA’s Compliance Suite provided the best solution available and the system was fully implemented by the end of the 2015.

The online public records portal is the next step in the ongoing effort to increase transparency within Riverside city government,

Colleen J. NicolCity Clerk

“The portal enables anyone to file a public records request from their computer, phone or tablet, while also allowing the public to see what other documents are being requested.” The benefits of GovQA’s Compliance Suite were immediately apparent.

Response times for public records requests dramatically decreased, with the average time to complete requests dropping to just six calendar days. GovQA’s sophisticated reporting module, dashboards, and personalized work queues gave the City Clerk’s Office the tools needed to maintain oversight and control of a centralized and efficient process. In November 2016, GovTech named Riverside one of the top five digital cities in its population category using technology to improve citizen services, encourage engagement, and enhance transparency. GovQA is proud to partner with the City of Riverside, true champions of government.

Additional Case Studies

Rusty Bailey, Mayor City of Riverside, CA 

“The City of Riverside is pleased to provide to its residents the most open government in Southern California. [With] the new online records portal, Riverside is setting the tone for transparency in government.”

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Public Records Portal Launched in 2015