Partnerships with GovQA

GovQA has an innovative, strategic partnerships initiative targeted at technology companies with a similar, government-focused mission. We are offering state and local governments the most secure and intuitive technologies to help serve their communities, connect with internal and external agencies, and enhance transparency while mitigating compliance risk.

Established Company

GovQA processes more requests for more government agencies than any other provider. We know government and government knows GovQA.

Extendable Solution

The GovQA Exchange Platform is scalable and adaptable to suit your organization’s changing needs over time.  Plus, since GovQA integrates easily with other government-targeted solutions; you get easy integration that allows you to access your data from within the GovQA tool for efficiency and increased security. Win. Win. Win.

Entrusted Architecture

At its core, the GovQA platform is built to resist security threats. It is single-tenant, with a proprietary code base, and fully compliant with a number of certifications like CJIS and HIPAA.  But we don’t stop there — our employees and buildings are audited and compliant too.  In short, we are paranoid about security. In a healthy way. With that in mind, we are choosy about our partners. Hopefully, you are too.

Let’s get started

For those companies whose technologies are equal to the GovQA standards of security and quality, and whose target customers are similar or adjacent to ours, we would like to discuss a possible partnership.

To extend our highly sought after technology for the government sector, and allow our customers additional access to complimentary technologies, we now offer the GovQA Partner Program.

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We have 3 types of partners (Lead Referral, Technology, and Contract) and one way of engaging our Strategic Alliance department. If your company wants to grow wider and deeper into the government space, contact us.

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