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Compliance Solution for Law Enforcement Public Records Requests – CALIFORNIA

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GovQA’s forward-thinking information exchange solution for simplified public records compliance is adaptable and continuously updated with proactive enhancements based on changing laws — such as California’s SB 1421 & AB 748, passed in 2019, which significantly expanded the types of records that law enforcement agencies were required to release. 

These California laws require public access to the following types of peace officer personnel records previously available only through the Pitchess procedure (The law is retroactive):   

  • Investigative reports
  • Photos, audio, video, transcripts
  • Autopsy reports
  • All materials compiled & presented to DA

If you’re a California Public Safety Organization, ask us about our SB 1421 Package:

  • Built-in SB 1421 deflection methods, making it possible to avoid overly broad, redundant, or disallowed requests before they’re submitted.
  • Redaction software to mask sensitive personnel info directly within the system.
  • Automatically send staff alerts prior to 60 day mark and requester notice every 180 days while records are withheld.
  • Automatically create activities to check whether criminal investigations remain open, then disclose or continue to withhold as the law mandates.
  • GovQA’s Fortress Security on Microsoft Azure Government for CJIS compliance.
  • Proactive page setup: release retroactive records.

Interested in how GovQA can help you more easily comply with new and upcoming laws in YOUR  state?  Contact GovQA for more information today!

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