2020 Survey - Peers in Public Records“FOIA”, “Open Records”, “Sunshine Laws”, “OPRA”, “GRAMA”, “Uniform Information Practices”, “Right to Know”, “Freedom of Access”, “Access to Public Records”, “Public Information Act”…No matter what you call “Public Records” in your state, you are facing many of the same challenges as your peers across the nation.  The world of public records and government compliance is changing fast! Take the Survey Below >>>

Are your priorities for 2020 in line with those of your peers?  Legislation, litigation, and the increasing complexity of public records all contribute to our ever-changing landscape. But what are the biggest hot-button issues that the majority of your peers think will most affect state and local governments?

We’re conducting a brief survey to identify trends. Tell us what YOU think will be most important in 2020 — and we’ll let you know what your peers thought too!  We’ll identify trends, quantify these when possible, and provide this shared knowledge, as well as any best practices and tips for addressing relevant topics with all respondents.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input!

*This poll will close November 15th. Results and analysis will be shared with everyone who participated. If you have any questions about the survey, please email us: info@govqa.com