GovQA Crime Reporting System helps law enforcement agencies allocate officers and resources effectively. Our Non-Emergency Reporting System (NERS) also allows the public to stay up-to-date on local crime information while being able to communicate crime tips back to law enforcement officials.


icon web portal Branded Web & Mobile Portal

  • Implement a citizen portal with look & feel of police/sheriff website
  • Provide an official mobile application for public safety function

icon review Non-Emergency Crime Reporting

  • File non-emergency reports 24/7 (without dispatching an officer on-site)
  • Permit citizens to download electronic reports suitable for insurance claims
  • Allow citizens to provide tips and sensitive information anonymously

icon auto Streamline Processing

  • Collect reports via police website and mobile channels
  • Merge similar reports (graffiti, light/noise, etc.) into one process
  • Deflect results for issues that have already been resolved
  • Auto-route, escalate, track, distribute, log, and manage reports

icon technology   Reduce Requests with Proactive Technologies

  • Suggest previous requests and knowledge base items with similar terms
  • View and search previous requests through a web portal
  • Create and publish information easily to the public portal
  • Send real-time information updates to constituents

icon 24-7 Citizen Self-Service

  • Display, track, and rank top informational articles
  • Suggest citizen course of actions and walk-throughs
  • Let citizens search for information based upon categories

icon social Proactive Notifications

  • Publish content to the website & mobile portals instantly
  • Permit citizens to “follow” information to receive updates
  • Deliver “push notification” alerts directly to citizens’ mobile phones

icon Scalable Secure Platform

  • Provide multi-level security within an agency
  • Monitor and track crime trends through reports
  • Integrate seamlessly into your record management system


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