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Public Records (FOIA) Tracking and Processing Software.

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Connecting more than 700 cities, counties and state agencies with citizens

GovQA combines proven knowledge-base, rules engine, workflow, payment technologies to provide a comprehensive Public Records (FOIA) Management Software that works across all departments in the organization to maintain open record compliance, save resources and collect fees 24/7.



Comprehensive Web Citizen Public Records Request Portal (Mobile available)
  • Support a customized portal with look and feel of your website
  • Let citizens find information OR submit a FOIA request over web
  • Offer citizens 24/7 access and status updates
Reduce Requests with Proactive Technologies
  • Merge or eliminate duplicate requests for action OR information
  • Allow citizens to view and search previous requests through a web portal
  • Allow managers to create and publish information easily to the website
  • Allow citizens to “follow” announcement updates
  • Auto-send real-time information updates to citizens
Auto-Answer Information Requests
  • Auto-grow knowledge bases that auto-change with new information
  • Track, display and promote top questions
  • Allow detailed filtered information search for citizens
Auto-Action Open Records Service Requests
  • Capture public records requests via any channel (web, mobile, phone, voicemail, email)
  • Broadcast requests to multiple departments and staff
  • Auto-route, escalate, track, distribute, log and manage each request
  • Use dynamic request training to train responders on their tasks
  • Manage deadlines, track public record request extensions, collect and charge fees
Manage, Review and Improve Processes
  • Manage open record requests centrally by department or across all departments
  • Respond to litigation requirements
  • Monitor time per activity; highlight problems and best practices
  • Generate scheduled, on-demand and custom reports
Archive Social Media Feeds
  • Capture, index and consolidate into a secure archive
  • Create searches for records keeping, supervision and data protection
  • Produce detailed audit trails
  • Find electronic communications on-demand
Auto Redact
  • Redact a specific word/phrase and apply it to entire document
  • Force every redaction to cite an exemption statute
  • Create custom exemptions list for redaction processing
  • Redacted content is removed in the output file and not just hidden/covered
Keep Data Secure
  • Encrypt data and attachments with complete backup
  • Allow managers to set multi-security levels within departments
  • Deliver within a single-tenant database architecture for optimum security

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