Code Violations, Licenses, Permits, and Planning & Zoning Applications

GovQA’s Community Development Platform offers a web-based system that easily tracks code violations, licenses, permits/planning, and zoning applications. The platform has the ability to turn many manual procedures into automated processes such as contractor license tracking, automatic fee calculation, form and letter generation, inspection “to-do” lists and reminders, and total custom report creation.


icon technology Streamline and Automate Processes

  • Provide central access to permits, code enforcement, and zoning data
  • Build custom processing rules and streamline workflows
  • Automate planning, assigning, scheduling, and routing tasks
  • Prepare plan reviews
  • Auto-populate documents with case details
  • View property and case histories
  • Allow staff to access case information in the field
  • Administer inspections on mobile devices

icon review Manage, Review and Improve Processes

  • Manage centrally by department or manage across all departments
  • Monitor time per activity; highlight problems and best practices
  • Create scheduled, on-demand, and custom reports

icon web portalCreate Portals for Citizens and Contractors

  • Easy-to-use web portal branded to match your website
  • Offer citizens and contractors 24/7 access and status updates
  • Display inspections, fees, and documents

icon 24-7Keep Citizens and Contractors Informed

  • Display a growing knowledge base of information
  • Track, display, and promote top questions
  • Provide a detailed filtered information search for citizens or contractors
  • Use knowledge base technology to train new officers
  • Create and publish information easily to the web portal
  • Auto-send real-time information updates to citizens

iconDeploy a Secure System

  • Allow multi-level security profiles based on department or employee
  • Export information to external systems while maintaining data integrity
  • Resides within a single-tenant database architecture for optimum security
  • Operate in highly secure, top-tier data center with daily backups
  • Access complete system without purchasing additional hardware or software



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