311 - Citizen Engagement

Comprehensive 311 – Citizen Engagement Platform

GovQA’s multi-lingual 311 – Citizen Engagement (CRM) platform helps cities, counties and state agencies of all sizes service over 120 million citizens across the country. GovQA’s proactive, auto-answer and auto-action technologies help call centers manage all citizen interaction across multiple communication channels while keeping stakeholders informed 24/7.


icon web portal Comprehensive Web Citizen Portal

  • Support a customized portal with the look and feel of your website

  • Let citizens find information OR submit a request over the web

  • Offer citizens 24/7 access and status updates

icon Customize Call Center Work By Department

  • Provide portals for call center, website, and mobile app

  • Define, collect, and manage different data and screen pops

  • Customize different reports, dashboards, and data views

  • Create departmental call scripts, workflows, rules, and service triggers

  • Permit multi-security levels within department

  • Manage centrally by department or across all departments

  • Leverage additional capabilities—IT Help Desk solution, Intranet Portal/CMS

icon 24-7  Service Citizens Proactively

  • Merge, deflect, or eliminate duplicate requests for action OR information

  • Allow ANY approved party to create a service announcement

  • Create an auto-directory of announcements for citizen review

icon auto Auto-Answer Information Requests and CSR lookups

  • Auto-grow knowledgebase that auto-changes with new information

  • Track, display, and promote top questions

  • Allow detailed filtered information search for citizens and CSR’s

  • Attach Auto-Forms, Payment, and Service Requests to information

icon review  Auto-Action Service Requests

  • Capture requests via any channel (web, mobile, phone, voicemail, email)

  • Auto-route, escalate, track, distribute, log, and manage requests

  • Use dynamic request training to help CSR’s handle unique requests

  • Tailor rules, workflows, and Service Level Agreements by department

  • Manage requests from the field through staff mobile application



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