Public Records Request Management System

FOIA Public Records Request Management System

GovQA’s FOIA Public Records Request Management System (PRMS) meets and exceeds Federal Freedom of Information Act requirements. The system can be customized for all of the state’s individual laws such as FOI, FOIA, FOIL, OPRA, GRAMA, PIA, PRA, Sunshine Act, CORA, CPRA, etc. PRMS combines proven knowledge-base, rules engine, workflow, and payment technologies to provide a comprehensive solution that works across all departments in the organization to maintain compliance, save resources, and collect fees.

Public Records (FOIA) Request Management Software


icon web portal Comprehensive Web Portal

  • Support a customized portal with the look and feel of your website
  • Let requester find information or submit a Public Records request over the web
  • Offer requester 24/7 access and status updates

icon technology Reduce Requests with Proactive Technologies

  • Auto-suggest previous requests and knowledge base items with similar terms
  • View and search previous requests through web portal
  • Publish information easily to the public portal
  • “Follow” announcement updates
  • Send real-time information updates to requesters

icon 24-7 Provide Answer Proactively

  • Update knowledge base with new information
  • Track, display and promote top questions
  • Provide detailed filtered information search for requesters
  • Post previous requests in the archive library

icon auto Auto-Action Public Records Service Requests

  • Capture public records requests via any channel (web, mobile, phone, voicemail, email)
  • Broadcast requests to multiple departments and staff
  • Route, escalate, track, distribute, log and manage each request
  • Use dynamic request training to train responders on their tasks
  • Manage deadlines, track public record request extensions, collect, and charge fees

icon review Manage, Review and Improve Processes

  • Manage public records requests centrally by department or across all departments
  • Highlight problems and best practices
  • Generate scheduled, on-demand and custom reports
  • Combine custom reports and saved searches into dashboards

icon social Archive Social Media Feeds

  • Capture, index and consolidate into a secure archive
  • Create searches for records keeping, supervision and data protection
  • Produce detailed audit trails

icon redact Auto Redact

  • Redact a specific word/phrase once and apply it to entire document
  • Bulk redact by searching for words or phrases
  • Build your own exemptions list for redaction processing

invoice-icon  Invoice and Collect Payments

  • Track costs with itemized estimates and invoices
  • Collect payments via secure systems
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